< What is the Maryland HEROES program? >

We’re excited to announce a new program that will benefit the educators and public employees here in : the Maryland HEROES Program. We want to give back to help these heroes experience the joy of homeownership!

We want to help mitigate the home buying cost for our everyday heroes! Teachers, firefighters, police officers, etc. These professions protect us and play an integral part of growing our future generations. These heroes are true public servants!

We want to say thank you. The HEROES Program is a special home buyer credit. It is a free credit that will reduce the amount of money that is owed at closing time.

This special credit will make the American dream of home ownership more affordable for the hardworking every day heroes that serve us here in .

You do NOT have to be a first time home buyer to apply for these special credits!

< Frequently Asked Questions >

These are the most common questions about the Maryland HEROES Program. For more information call (443) 852-1632

  • Is this only for first time home buyers?
    Absolutely not! If you’re currently employed in education or public service, you can qualify for the HEROES discount. Even if you currently own a home, your next home purchase (in the state of Maryland) could be eligible for the HEROES credit.
  • Are there any application or up-front fees?
    NO. There are NEVER any up-front or application fees for the HEROES program.
  • Can I only buy certain homes?
    No! You may use the HEROES discount to purchase any home on the market as long as it is within the guidelines of your loan approval.
  • Can I combine this discount with other programs? 
    Definitely. The HEROES Program is technically not a mortgage program (it is an independent discount). This means you can apply the discount on top of any other programs you may be eligible for (FHA loans, first time home buyer programs, etc).
  • Are there income or credit requirements for the HEROES Program?
    No. The HEROES Program is an independent discount for educators and public servants here in Maryland. It is not a mortgage program; therefore, there are no income or credit qualifications! You can apply the HEROES discount to whatever financing or mortgage product you qualify for.
  • Is there a purchase price limitation?
    No way! The HEROES Program was designed to encourage higher rates of home ownership for educators and public servants here in . Unlike some other programs, there are no limits on the price of home you can purchase.
  • How long does it take to apply?
    The HEROES discount does not require extensive paperwork or applications. Most home buyers find out within 12 hours if they will qualify for the discount.
  • How much money can I save with the HEROES Program?
    The exact number varies, but most home buyers in can expect to save around $750 (or more). This discount can be combined with other mortgage programs to save even more!